These Shoes

These shoes have taken me to the place where I would get the diagnoses that would change my life. They have taken me to the place where I have met people that didn't want the best for me; they wanted to take advantage of me, to see me fail. These shoes have taken me to … Continue reading These Shoes

Campfire Thoughts

I'm sitting in front of a campfire with my two dogs next to me, I'm looking up at the night sky and I see the stars, I hear the crickets, I see the fireflies... and nothing could ever beat this feeling. I haven't felt this happy and content, stress free, no depression, no anxiety, since … Continue reading Campfire Thoughts

Here are some photos I got of the moon tonight (January 20, 2019). Nothing like I would get if I were actually ready for it; I need my tripod and some more practice in photography again before I can get better shots. Crazy how a football game almost ruined my night, then I realized it … Continue reading