8 years.

June 21 is a day I'll never forget, and for the longest time I associated the date with something terrible. I dreaded the day coming up. That day, I almost left this world by my own hand. I was broken. I wasn't human. I was a robot, or something. I don't know. But I was … Continue reading 8 years.


7 years.

7 years since I started my mental health journey.7 years since my “meltdown.”7 years since that suicide attempt.7 years since I was checked into a mental health facility for the first time that would change my life.7 years. I’m not free from depression, but I’m here.I’m not free from anxiety, but I’m here.I’m not free … Continue reading 7 years.

Be A Nobody

I am guilty of saying from time to time that "nobody loves me." I think we're all guilty, right? It's something that the depression and anxiety convinces me is true. Is it true, though? No. I've got my family and friends that love me. So why I let myself get convinced is beyond me. I … Continue reading Be A Nobody