“Jack and Jill”

“Jack and Jill” (January 20, 2009)

As she walks out of the room, she walks back in to look at herself.

It’s all coming down to that very moment, that very moment.

She wants so bad to tell someone, but who will she tell?

She’d go down in flames for this, but peace will come before it.

I love you, he says, but his fists always get the best.

This very moment will forever, for the rest of his life, only give him hell.

Die, she said, Don’t ever touch me, she said.

He falls as a deafening sound echoes through the room, as he falls dead.

Ha, she said. I told you I’d make it. 

He bleeds as he lies on the floor.

She swipes her shoulder, she said, See you in hell, as she makes her way to the door.

One thought on ““Jack and Jill”

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