Dealing With Depression In College

Going to college is difficult. Having depression is difficult. Struggling with both at the same time? That’s something different. I know what you’re thinking – Everybody that goes to college is depressed. I realize that. But some people can deal with it better than others can.

I go to college online, and all homework and assignments are due every Tuesday. That gives me six days to complete everything, and sometimes it is extremely difficult to do when I’m dealing with depression, especially if it sneaks up on me and I get no signs or warnings of it coming. When it happens, I get behind on my homework and assignments. I lose focus. I lose motivation. I lose all hope that college is even something I’m supposed to be doing with my life.

I am the type of person that HATES being late. I also hate when other people are late if we are meeting up. It makes me feel unimportant that that person wouldn’t plan accordingly to be on time. Turning in assignments on time is no different for me. I can’t stand turning them in late. My college’s late assignment policy is that I can turn them in a week late and get 10% off the grade, or up to two weeks late for 20% off the grade. That’s enough for me to want to turn it in on time in case I mess up and get a few points taken off just for my mistakes, much less any points taken off for turning it in late.

I’m a perfectionist. I have to have that perfect grade.

But sometimes… I can’t have that perfect grade. Sometimes I have to listen to my mental health and take a break, despite losing a few points for turning it in late. It’s still hard for me to cope with the fact that I have to turn in my assignment late, even if it’s just a day late. But I have to realize, and sometimes I do, that my mental health is more important than my grades.

My mental health is more important than my grades.

YOUR mental health is more important than your grades.

Being in college is an accomplishment, whether you realize it or not. A lot of people don’t have the access or the privilege to go to college like we do, so we shouldn’t take advantage of it. But sometimes, it’s best to take a step back, take a deep breath, and take a mental health day for ourselves.

I understand other colleges have different late policies than mine, but why not email your professor and tell them what’s going on? You have to be more honest with yourself that you need another day to turn in your assignment, but be honest with your professor as well. I bet they will understand if you just give them a heads up.

Take a mental health day, rest up, cry, binge watch something funny on Netflix, then breathe, take a shower, and go kick some butt. You got this.

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