Here are some photos I got of the moon tonight (January 20, 2019). Nothing like I would get if I were actually ready for it; I need my tripod and some more practice in photography again before I can get better shots.

Crazy how a football game almost ruined my night, then I realized it ultimately means nothing when it comes to the significance of life. I was definitely reminded of that tonight while (literally) staring off into space. I have no clue how some people are not just transformed when they look at the night sky. I use to want to be astronaut, but then I realized how scared of heights I was. Life is just silly when it comes to comparing it to the vast significance of space. Events like these ground me and make me realize I need to slow down and just stare up at the stars some nights.

img_6165All photos belong to me. Please ask permission if you want to use them.

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