My Weight Loss Journey, part II

It is officially happening. I’m having weight loss surgery.

I know I said it was happening in part I, but now it really is happening! I couldn’t be more excited for this new journey in my life.

This past week, I saw a PA (physician’s assistant) and dietician, as well as attended the informational (and mandatory) bariatric seminar, lead by my surgeon. I was told by the PA that I am an excellent candidate for this surgery, based on my build and weight. He told me I will have success in my weight loss journey after the surgery. What words could be better than those? He told me that we could schedule my surgery around the end of July or early August, which blows my mind!

When I spoke to my dietician, she had nothing but positive words as well. She told me some things I need to stop drinking, such as sparkling water. I’ll miss it, but I’ll definitely get over it. We talked about pre-op and post-op diet, and I got some samples of protein drinks, since I’ll be drinking those for a month after the surgery.

The informational seminar was just that – informational. My surgeon talked for an hour about what the surgery does and what it will do for me. He spoke numbers, like percentages about mortality rates, which are very low. Below 1%. The seminar made me want the surgery even more.

Next appointment is July 17, and I believe it’s my pre-op date for all the testing. I should most likely get my surgery date then, hopefully. I see my dietician again two days after that, then we’re in the final stretch! It’s getting closer and closer to surgery day!

I’ve been exercising a lot and making sure to close my rings on my Apple Watch. The three rings consist of moving, exercising for 30 minutes, and standing at least 12 times a day for at least a minute to get rid of the sedentary lifestyle. I’ve been competing with other people and even though they’re kicking my butt, it’s still fun, friendly competition.

I still haven’t lost any weight. My weight is still fluctuating between 250 and 245. I can’t seem to get below 245. I’m currently 249.

Part III will be next month after my appointments and I’m constantly updating on my new Facebook page!

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