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As human beings, we get asked millions of questions in our lifetime. But there’s one I want to focus on that we get asked a lot: Who are you? Who am I?

We always state the obvious things: the facts about ourselves. Our name, age, where we grew up, how many children we have, pets, blah blah blah. I definitely feel like those are important factors in who we are, but they don’t define us.

What about hobbies? Interests? Personality?

Honestly, this is a very complex question. It’s got layers and layers of answers underneath each other because who we are cannot be defined with just one simple answer. Some people believe that even job titles can define who we are, and while that may be somewhat true (but not much), it’s not who you are.

We’re so much more than our job titles. We’re more than our names. We’re more than where we grew up.

Who we are can also be depend on what you’re doing with your life and who you’re with while you’re doing those things. But we still can’t limit ourselves to what people tell us we can and can’t do. Branch out, meet new people, try new things! Bloom!

Humans are always changing. It’s just what we do. We may like something today, go to sleep, wake up, and hate that same thing tomorrow. It’s okay to change, and it’s okay to want to try new things even though your brain is conditioned to something else. Condition your brain to love trying new things, because you may just discover who you are in that process.

This truly is a complex question to answer, but I challenge you to figure out who you are if you don’t know. It might take a while, and that’s okay. I am in the process myself. I am slowly but surely figuring myself out; my personality, my fears, things I love, things I hate… and the more I figure it out, the more I challenge myself to try new things or try things I have tried before again.

I am excited for the new challenges and goals I have set for myself. I have setbacks; everybody does. You will too. But let’s not keep letting ourselves settle. Let’s bloom into what or who we want to be.

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