Stronger Than A Lion

Depression is a demon. It lives inside of us. Sometimes it’s sedentary, but when it’s awake, it holds a death grip on us. A chokehold.

Is there any way to get it to truly let go?

True, medicine helps. But we have to stand strong. We have to get up, look it in the face, and say, “You hit like a punk.”

We don’t run away. We stand up to it and spit in its face!

You’re saying to yourself, “But what if I can’t?”

You can. You’ve done it before because you’re still here. You’re alive. You’ve beat it. You can do it again. You’ve made it so far and I’m so proud of you!

Keep fighting. Keep staying strong.

You take the hits, but you’re not defeated. You’re not weak. You’re stronger than a lion. Get up and fight back! Get up and stand strong!

You can do this. We can do this.

We are an army. We are warriors.

Depression is our enemy, and it’s strong, but together, we’re stronger.

Stay strong. Put on your armor.

Let’s fight.

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