Holiday Blues

The holidays can be difficult, but especially if you have a mental illness. 

For me, I struggle with panic attacks when I’m around a big crowd of people. I had one last Christmas and had to isolate myself. It was humiliating. When everyone left, I was fine. I hate that! I hate that I didn’t spend time with my family but even more, I hate that I couldn’t control my emotions.

This year in therapy, I’ve been working on ways to get through the holidays. I put it to work on Thanksgiving this year, and it did work! Christmas will be the ultimate challenge, though, because a lot more people will be at my house. 

What are some ways that you cope with the holidays? Let’s discuss on Facebook or Twitter!
(PS… I know these last couple of months have been not the best of posts, but that’s because the holidays stress me out. That’s why I wanted to talk a little bit about it this month. 2017 will be back to my regular self.)

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