I found my old journal that I wrote lyrics in when I was in high school. It’s full of old songs and thoughts, and the poem below really stuck out to me.

I think it perfectly describes what someone with depression, anxiety, and anything else is going through. 

It’s difficult to recognize who you really are when you’re depressed. It’s something we have to deal with daily. But that doesn’t mean give up. It means hold on longer, hold on tighter, hold on with everything you’ve got. You’ll make a comeback; I know it.

The poem is called Stickers. I wrote it on July 8, 2008.
One at a time

Added as the days go by

No one seems to notice

Just how their words can stick on others

As time seems to escape me

I glance in the mirror and can’t truly see myself

Labels covering me, smothering me

I’m at the point

I don’t even know who I am anymore

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